WhiteSpace as part of the EuRODataPark Team are uniquely placed to offer clients seeking a “Just-in-Time” solution the latest in pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, high quality modular data centres

This experienced design and manufacturing team have drawn upon their accumulated expertise to apply lean production methods to this important IT commodity.

The “WhiteSpace” data centre:

• minimises initial capital costs,
• eliminates the uncertainties of traditional build techniques: Cost, Quality, Time to delivery
• and reduces the electrical running costs to industry leading lows.


The company designs and builds low cost modular data centres for customers who require simple, straight forward secure space which can be deployed – internally or externally – as data centre of document storage and can be put into almost any location without the need for new site builds.

The experienced technical team have an expansive background of designing, building and successfully delivering major data space and are at the forefront of technology developing flexible, fast, innovative and , importantly, efficient data centres.


WhiteSpace offer world class, pre configured and expandable data centre space compliant to Tier III+, recognised Industry standards and all relevant EU standards.

The WhiteSpace third generation modular data centre uses the latest design and construction methods to deliver a low cost data centre for up to 250kW technical load without compromising function or resilience. It provides a viable alternative to Cloud and Colo.

Key operating parameters:

18’ to 27’ c operating temperatures range
20-80% RH
250kW IT and critical cooling capacity
Rack densities from 1500/m² to 19kW/m²
1.2 PUE
Tier 2 up to Tier3+ resilience

The WhiteSpace data centre is designed to provide a fully resilient and concurrently maintainable electrical and mechanical infrastructure. It has two active and independant electrical paths to the racks with 2N switchboards, UPS, PDU’s and distribution, N+1 cooling and 2N DCC generators.

The WhiteSpace data centre is designed around the intermodel (ISO) container footprint for ease of transport. It comprises up to five modules to provide up to 165m² whitespace.

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