In order to facilitate the development of the EuRODataPark a Team of specialists has been assembled, which is unrivalled in both technical expertise and experience. Firmly established locally with global outlook and reach the team offers an unrivalled breadth of knowledge on all matters pertaining to IT & Data Park Development.

Each Partner is uniquely skilled
in vital aspects of:

• Land Management
• Planning Consent
• Power Provision & Green Energy
• Site Security
• Data Centre Design and Construction
• Modular Data Centre Manufacture/Construction
• Data Centre management
• Disaster Recovery
• Business Continuity/Continuous Availability

• Cloud Services and Application
• Data Security
• Remote/Mobile Access Services
• IT Infrastructure
• Storage Networks & Network Management
• Document Preservation
• Document & Data Archiving/Retrieval
• User Centric use of Government
• Information & Data

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