Established in the UK in 1971 Regent House Properties Ltd is the property development and management arm of the Bellerive Group.

Founder shareholders in the 1970s of the very successful London and Edinburgh Trust, RHP is today a small talented team of professionals who over the last 40+ years have built and successfully developed office buildings, storage and data storage facilities in London’s docklands, Vauxhall, Glasgow and Clydebank, Scotland.

The company also originated, developed and operated the UK serviced office group MWB Business Exchange, sold on profitably, having gone public, in 2012 to Regus, the world serviced office leader.

Latterly the company’s investments have moved to Romania where commencing in 2005 the Group have completed apartment blocks, retail centres, hotels and warehouses, many built on their extensive land bank assembled from 2001 onwards.

The Campulung Enterprise Park, acquired in 2006, formerly the ARO vehicle production facility, has been converted into modern warehousing.

The RHP Team has extensive Data Centre Development expertise gained in North and South America, Europe, Iceland, Turkey, Middle East and Australasia.

In addition RHP Team has Asset Management and Facilities Management expertise across a wide range of property classes, from Hotels to Industrial parks and from multi-tenanted office buildings to historic mansions.

With a wealth of experience the team is in a strong position to build both modular and general data storage and disaster recovery facilities to meet market needs.


EuRO Data Park in conjunction with WhiteSpace can offer rapid deployment of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, high quality modular data centres.

The same Modular Technology can be simply adapted to meet the storage requirements of commercial and nationally important documents and manuscripts. The team has wide experience of maintaining the correct conditions for storing books and manuscripts and can draw upon experience gained from involvement with numerous museums and libraries internationally including the recent refurbishment of the prestigous Maritime museum in London. The use of low oxygen will help to suppress further attack by infestation: typically conditions would be 18°C 40% RH and darkness to inhibit the ingress of contaminants.

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