Power availability is the most critical function of a Data Centre and key to the 100% availability we provide is a redundant delivered power supply. Within the EuRODataPark the designs for all our Data Centre environments incorporate the best of resilient power engineering so that no Single Points of Failure exist.

38MVA of Primary Electrical Power, delivered via its own dedicated substations; serviced by 3 diverse routes from the National Grid: 2 x 16MVA and 1 x 6.3MVA;

Additional 25-50 MW potential generation on-site using Fuel cells powered by natural gas: EuRODataPark has a Methane Gas Feed capable of delivering 2,400-5000m²/Hr.

EuRODataPark can deliver substantial power resources to meet all Data centre needs:

• 3 Diverse Grid Connections totalling 38MVA
• 38MVA of Primary Power
• Sub-station within secure site
• Potential to increase available power to 90MVA
• Multiple sources: Natural Gas, Solar, Hydro, conventional
• Power Densities from 340w/m2 to 8,300w/m²

The park also has the potential for an extensive local solar power farm, and micro hydro schemes.
Green energy contracts (hydro & solar) can be arranged by the National Power Company.

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