The facilities at the Data Park are suitable for bespoke Data Centres to individual design or pre-configured Modular Data Centres. The technical team will offer advice and guidance on the full spectrum of opportunities.

Within the EuRoDataPark there is an existing warehouse structure of 5,000m² suitable for 15 Modular Data Halls and capable of accommodating 100,000+ servers.

There are two additional Greenfield areas earmarked for further Data Centre expansion Phase 2 , suitable for a sole occupier , of 30,000m² and Phase 3 of 15,000m² .

Approximately 30,000m² within the Data Park has been designated for potential use as a Solar Farm for further expansion of electrical power.

Each of the phases have extensive surrounding space to accommodate ancillary Mechanical and Electrical Equipment such as Diesel Generators, Gas Turbines, Diesel Tanks, Transformers, Chillers, Condensers, Water Towers.

Ideal for bespoke Data Centres to individual design
or pre-configured Modular Data Centres

Disaster Recovery /
Business Continuity

With numerous power sources and its own water source, the EuRODataPark is uniquely placed to offer High Availability Data Centres and Backup / Recovery Data Centres.

There is extensive existing office accommodation available, and when combined with the Data Centre potential creates a significant disaster recovery / Business continuity location, in the event that fire, flood or earthquake disrupts normal operations elsewhere in Romania.

Data and Document Warehousing
Business and governmental requirements to store and archive material of commercial and national importance can be uniquely satisfied at the EuRODataPark. The variety of option on types of accommodation that can be created on the site make it suitable for electronic data and original document storage.

EuRODataPark in conjunction with Whitespace can offer rapid deployment of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, high quality modular data centres.

The same Modular Technology can be simply adapted to meet the storage requirements of commercial and nationally important documents and manuscripts. The team has wide experience of maintaining the correct conditions for storing books and manuscripts and can draw upon experience gained from involvement with numerous museums and libraries internationally including the recent refurbishment of the prestigous Maritime museum in London. The use of low oxygen will help to suppress further attack by infestation: typically conditions would be 18°C 40% RH and darkness to inhibit the ingress of contaminants.

Power Availability

Power availability is the most critical function of a Data Centre and key to the 100% availability we provide is a redundant delivered power supply. Within the EuRODataPark the designs for all our Data Centre environments incorporate the best of resilient power engineering so that no Single Points of Failure exist.

38MVA of Primary Electrical Power, delivered via its own dedicated substations; serviced by 3 diverse routes from the National Grid: 2 x 16MVA and 1 x 6.3MVA;

Additional 25-50MVA potential generation on-site using Fuel cells powered by natural gas: EuRODataPark has a Methane Gas Feed capable of delivering 2,400-5000m²/Hr.

EuRODataPark can deliver substantial power resources to meet all Data centre needs:

• 3 Diverse Grid Connections totalling 38MVA
• 38MVA of Primary Power
• Sub-station within secure site
• Potential to increase available power to 90MVA
• Multiple sources: Natural Gas, Solar, Hydro, conventional
• Power Densities from 340w/m² to 8,300w/m²

The park also has the potential for an extensive local solar power farm, and micro hydro schemes.

Green energy contracts (hydro & solar) can be arranged by the National Power Company.

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