• The EuRODataPark Facilities at Campulung can accommodate Data Centres ranging in size from 33m² and 250KW to 10,000m² and 50MVA.
  • Designs can be modular or bespoke as determined by the client’s needs.
  • Design Standards will be determined by the clients requirements up to Tier III + level of resilience.

Once client’s requirements are confirmed, the EuRODataPark team will create a Conceptual and functional design for the new data centre(s), the required topology and the operating environment. The Data Centre design documents will include drawings, Architectural impressions, narratives, calculations, equipment lists and other engineering documents developed by the team.

While adhering to the client’s requirements the EuRODataPark team will offer their observations and where appropriate offer enhancement options to ensure that the integrated solution will:

  • Reflect industry best practice and current developments in the design/ facilities/ structure of world-class data centres.
  • Improve Capital efficiency in the construction phase and subsequent Operational revenue costs.
  • Ensure that the new Strategy matches the demands of the clients’ long-term Data Centre Strategy
  • Facilitate the speedy accreditation of the new data centre.
  • Build recommendations for achieving civil defence certification for fire & life safety.
  • Eliminate Single Points of Failure, ensure capability for concurrent maintenance, deliver fault tolerance,  all of which are fundamental requirements.

”Just in Time” Data Centres

The EuRODataPark team will also offer design options against the current best practice of JiT or Modular approach to data Centre Provision.

The essence of a Modular approach or “Just-in-Time” delivery is not to build-out on day one all the space to meet the projected needs for the next 15-20  years, but to build-out only that capacity to meet the firm projected needs of the business for the immediate firm planning period.

As future demand becomes reality a modular design will facilitate the rapid creation of further space(s), that both integrate with the space previously built and replicate the M&E design of the initial space.

A Modular approach to data centre provision seeks to make all elements of the design modular and able to reflect changing business and technology needs of a 15-20 year business horizon.

Modular designs have conservative initial capital requirements and allow an investment curve throughout the lifecycle of the Data Centers that closely track demand. .

Modular or “Just-in Time” provision of data centre capacity can be achieved using either of two main industrial approaches that have evolved over the last 5-10 years.includes:

  1. The “Shell & Core, with POD build-out” using more traditional on-site construction techniques, as deployed by Digital Realty Trust, Zenium, Sentrum.
  2. Pre-fabricated Modular Data Centers, such as those offered by Whitespace and others.

The Modular approach delivers improved “achieved PUE” as the provision of M&E services and the power they require is closely matched to the actual server demands of the client. Over-provisioning the root cause of  poor “achieved PUE” is avoided with a JiT approach.

The EuRODataPark team has designed and implemented Modular solutions in North America, UK, France, Turkey, and Iceland.

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