The facilities management team at EuRODataPark, Campulung is able to offer a one stop shop, or a la carte service to work alongside you and help evolve the facility you require.

Whether your requirement is for a Modular Data centre, a bespoke solution or a self build the Team has the expertise in design, planning, construction, data centre fit out, as well as the local knowledge to meet all your needs.

The local planning authorities are all very efficient and compliant plans can normally gain approval within 60 days of submission.

Local steel fabricators and concrete manufacturers, enable us to offer very Rapid Data Centre Build Programs.

The variety of structures available, the scale of space available, the variety of power sources available and the efficiency of the planning process combine to ensure great flexibility in meeting all your data centre needs.

  • Tier III+ – Data Centres, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Facilities.
  • Uniquely located to meet the needs of Emerging Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.
  • 3 Diverse Grid Connections.
  • Well provisioned with existing Roadways, Hardstanding, Warehouses, Offices, to enablerapid development of Bespoke, Modular, or prefabricated Data centres and any associated business continuity requirements.
  • Excellent Fibre Routes available.


Basic Specification
Modules. Each fabricated module dimensionally complies with a 40ft intermodal ISO container for ease of shipment and designed to provide a completely open hall technical space with no pillars or restrictions. The fully assembled data centre is weather proof and the roof finish has a 25 year design life.

Frames are 100x1000x5mm box section. Bases are constructed from 170mm C section with 100x50x5mm cross members. Floor is hardwood with vinyl antistatic lamination. The outer wall and roof is fabricated from 2.0mm zintec steel plate. The inner skin; walls and ceiling; is fabricated from
painted 2.0mm steel. 50mm of Thermal insulation in the wall and roof cavity; one hour fire rated.

UPS. 3 X 200kVA full double conversion on line UPS. Socomec or Eaton power. Batteries are VRLA (Valve regulated lead acid) as supplied by either Enersys. Fiamm or Yuasa and provide five minute end of life autonomy at design load.

2 x 150Kw Down-flow Modular packaged Direct Fresh Air.DX cooling units. Each packaged unit comprising 3 x 50Kw cooling modules to provide optimum resilience and designed to operate in DX cooling mode using variable speed compressors and fresh air cooling mode.
They automatically switch between modes to satisfy varying internal cooling demand and external ambient conditions. Primary cooling mode is fresh air for optimum energy efficency.

STANDBY GENERATOR’S. Cummins 704kVA DCC rated complete with Day tank and 24hr bulk fuel tank.

Fire Detection – a conventional operation, cross zoned, co-incidence systems as recommended within BS6266. Fire Supression – Each Module package would be supplied complete with an inert gas (IG55) supression package.

Access control – Proximity reader and Maglock on the main entrance. Secondary and emergency doors fitted with high security crash bar locks.

Note: UPS; generators; cooling systems and fire control systems may be changed to suit specific environmental conditions or customers preferance or a more efficent option becomes available.

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