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The temporary fix was to rip up the carpet, knock a hole in the concrete slab, repair the leaking pipe, fill in the hole with quickcrete cement, and restretch the carpet once it and the pad had dried. Finally come the floorboards or floor sheets. We have recently bought a Victorian house. They do, however, always require a separate floor covering on top and special attention needs to be paid to the floor / … Hi, have had wet carpets front and back for a while now. Carpet is held on to the floor by rows of tacks that grab the carpet underneath. Replace Carpet Padding. Overtime, timber floorboards and joists shrink. I'm already getting a damp course put on the walls but I want to know how to solve any potential floor problem. You can check timber for rot by pressing a screwdriver into it. There is about 8" of free space and then damp soil. If you’re planning to install either a solid wood or engineered wood floor, one of the most important preparatory actions you need to take is to measure the moisture in your sub floor. The damp-proof membranes used during construction of concrete floors are often thin, and can easily become torn before they are laid, … Simply drying the carpet or vinyl or other floor covering may not be sufficient. ... and two at the front. Other causes of damp - leaking pipes, condensation and penetrating damp, can all increase humidity too. How to Get Rid of Mold Under Flooring. Ventilation The whole of the ground floor should be constructed to allow air to travel freely around under the timber floor. Cold, damp surfaces and mould growth in the external corners of ground-floor rooms. Your contractor will start in the corner of the room and use a flat pry bar to get the edge of the carpet … Lifting Floorboards. Excess moisture can lead to a glut of problems, such as repulsive odors, rotted framing, structural pests, foundation movement, efflorescence, and allergy-irritating mold. Damp rising through concrete floor slabs is fairly common, causing damp issues on carpets and floor coverings, warping wooden floors and increasing the likelihood of low-level mould growth. It may be necessary to take up the floor covering to check on the subfloor, allow it to dry if damp, and make any needed repairs. In the case of timber floorboards in need of some TLC, there are plenty of specialist floor renovation companies out there. It's a lot easier to clean underneath the floorboards if the mould is in one area. My bungalow is 1960’s, and is direct to the earth below the floorboards. Context: My house has a room which has a consistently damp carpet situation which has been getting worse for a few weeks now. It is not common for ants to make nests under the carpet and they only do it in cases when the flooring or the foundation is decaying. What’s a little water under the house going to hurt, you ask? You can do this yourself or call a professional for help. Wet spot under carpet. Whether you are planning to expose the floorboards, or are going to lay new flooring over them, it is important that the floorboards are in good condition and firmly nailed or screwed to the joists below. Penetrating damp – Penetrating damp occurs when water leaks through walls horizontally, rather than travelling upwards. Renovating Timber Floorboards. Mold -- you can't wish it away and you can't really avoid it. If mold or mildew are present on the joists or bottom of the subfloor, treat under the house with a product such as Wet and Forget; Clean out any debris and stored items under your house, and fill in any holes or depressions. When I stepped on it it got wetter so I used my carpet cleaner to suck up all the water and noticed 10 min later it was just a wet. No signs of … 5. When wood floorboards get wet, they swell. Sometimes floorboards ‘rise’ because of constant ‘traffic’. Steam cleaning wet carpet removes any toxins and deodorizes it. ... or with poly dpm under … Initially thought it was A/C as did mechanic, but it is not (drain tube works fine). This barrier is intended to stop moisture passing from one to the other. Cover the entire crawlspace with thick, black plastic sheeting (6 mil or higher). If the floorboard is in good condition, you can take out the nails and screw it down using the existing nail holes. Use a pair of pliers to lift the carpet from the edge of wall. Sticking my head under the floorboards I can see the air bricks and see they are clear. In my living room nowhere near a window about 4 ft away from my front door, and 3 ft away from wall I noticed a damp spot on the floor. Cold walls and floors, as well as a musty smell. Signs of dampness can include: rot, musty smells, borer, persistent condensation, mildew, mould, sagging floor joists, sagging and swelling particleboard floors, bubbling under vinyl flooring, carpet rot, corroding fasteners and metal fittings. It took 48 hours to dehumidify 20 litres from the room. There is also holes in the brick walls supporting the joists to let the air flow through. In principle all concrete floors should include a damp proof membrane across the whole floor area and this should be linked to the damp proof courses in the surrounding walls to provide continuity of protection against ground moisture. The front room smells very musty so we took out carpet and underneath was a chipboard tongue and groove floor. This usually occurs due to structural problems, including issues with the gutters, roof, or cracks in the wall. A puddle forming on the passenger side floorboard of your car can be mystifying -- especially if it hasn't rained lately, so you know it can't be water getting in from outside. Ant Nest Under Carpet. It's generated through normal household activities like cooking, washing, showering, and drying wet laundry without proper ventilation. How to fix this. This can cause respiratory problems if left untreated as well as potentially causing long term damage to your structure. I finally took action two days ago of lifting the carpet (the pic is just a small section, there's a section underneath a stainless steel object that was worse but I'd already lifted the carpet before … Concrete floors are susceptible to rising damp through the same capillary process as walls. Please help us decide! Water under carpets, NOT A/C. Fixing Subfloor Under Carpet: Demolition There's no way to fix the subfloor under carpet without pulling up the carpet. Carpet will do a good job of hiding faults in the floorboard beneath, but laminate flooring will show any major defects in the boards below it. There is a whole host of ways that you can do this yourself, or if you choose to get the professionals in, … Water can leak through windows or roofs, but it can also damage the floor from below if the crawlspace is often damp. Rising moisture is a huge issue for many people. We have wet floor boards under the bathroom carpet- gone through to downstairs so we have a big job to deal wtih i suspect, BUT for now we need to get the floorboards dry- will a dehumidifier be of great benefit- I am saying that I don't think it would make much difference, whereas my husband … If it gives easily, the … Damp proof membranes (DPMs) can be used to help resolve damp issues which already exist or to avoid damp or … It just means that the nail no longer is … EXOTIC TIMBER FLOORING The Voyager Collection of hardwood floors is sourced from exotic locations all over the world. (877) 538-2627 Desire offers the latest colours, modern manufacturing technology, resilience to household wear and tear, and the softness you desire under your feet. A problem with your car's A/C or heater can cause this bizarre phenomenon. Install a damp-proof course. A musty or pungent odor usually accompanies efflorescence and excessive moisture. 4. I've lifted a little more of the carpet towards the middle of the room and can smell damp. It is also a job many people choose to take on themselves. This is the major problem that causes squeaky flooring, including stairs. Steam Clean. Please help!? There is also a risk of mould or mildew forming if the floor is not completely dried out. If the floorboards under the carpet are rotting that can be … Not really an issue in winter when the central heating kicks in nicely, but, in the … In most cases where water has saturated your carpet, your carpet padding is a goner. Overlap the seams by a foot or … The reason floorboards become creaky is because their fixing nails get loose and the board isn't firmly attached any more. For homes with considerable rising damp, installing a modern damp … Likely cause: moisture generally is a common cause of damp in the home. However, you can get rid of it and keep it from coming back. These days, damp proof membranes are required in the construction of all new buildings to prevent rising damp. Damp earth under floorboards Just in case anyone else has had this issue and overcome it. Within a week or so, the "damp spot" progressed to a puddle 4 by 6 feet that a wet vac couldn't really keep up with. We cleaned off the mould with bleach, vinegar, etc, but on lifting one ply wood board to investigate … Physical damp-proof membranes, such as Oldroyd XS Slimline Membrane, are often quicker and easier to install than using damp-proof coatings as they can be installed on still-damp surfaces. You can recognise it by damp patches on your ceilings and walls which get darker … This ventilation is vital to prevent mould growth and to dry out the sub floor brickwork which is all below the general damp proof course level. In older houses the floorboards will be … If there is still damp in the floor this may cause carpet to become raised or cause flooring to warp. Replace it to prevent the main carpet from becoming saturated with mold. Smashing some of this up made it pretty evident the smell was coming from under the floor. Subsequently, I sometimes get some damp below the floorboards. Locate the mouldy area by inspecting the carpet for discolouration or mouldy smells. Carpet – Wet carpet needs to be dried as quickly as possible. This will … The work involves making gaps good, sorting out squeaks and scratches, and varnishing. The floorboards under the living room carpet is visibly damp in one section near a radiator. Accordingly, a … On lifting our ground floor lounge’s carpet, we found white mould on the plywood underneath and it was very damp. Damp proofing concrete floors above ground Damp proofing for extensions. White mould on floorboards under lounge carpet. In the event of minor spills or leaks, carpet can simply be … 23 Answers. When constructing an extension or a new build home, it is important that damp proofing measures are taken during the initial construction phase itself. Laying carpet can hide many floorboard faults while laminate flooring will show up any major floorboard defects. Is a small area and … Check there’s enough room under the floorboards for moisture to evaporate from the soil below and pass out through sub-floor wall vents. Many thanks for the replies guys, I have checked a few things last night, firstly the water is still there ( hahaha), I have looked under the floor quite often over the past few years because we are prone to a little bit of damp on the floorboards, coincidentelly right next to where the rain drain gully is. Is this damp something to worry about if we remove the carpet and then sand and renovate the boards? If you remove a few floorboards (one every 5–10 feet (1.5–3.0 m) should be fine) will allow your floorboards to expand without buckling or cracking. Effectively, a damp proof membrane (DPM) is used to create a barrier between a concrete (or screed) subfloor and a wood floor. There are two ways to fix them depending on their condition. Learn more from the pros in our service center!

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