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They ran out of blankets also. Hard to eat with people next to you. You have to ask for snacks on 13 hours flight. ", Pros: "Very efficient boarding, comfortable coach seats, good crew" ", Pros: "There wasnt much to like about the flight except that we didnt end up dead." Adventure Have Your Own Eco-Adventure in Fiji. ¶Letter addressed to the Chair COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Taskforce providing background to your request; Once I got at the gate I asked the person to please give me a seat at the aisle for medical reasons but after waiting until the boarding process had started I was giving a middle seat. The security guard sees this, lets us through to check in at the gate so we sprint there and 4 agents are standing around saying they are surprised we made it. You had to fight with the touch screen entertainment system to get it to do anything. Cons: "Some of the TVs were out. I especially felt sorry for some of the elderly people who were also in line all that time with noting to drink and no place to sit. Too much walking to got to document control to enter and leave Hong Kong. Modifying this information may result in a different fare. *Fares displayed have been collected within the last 24hrs and may no longer be available at time of booking. The plane was a new 737 and was beautiful and clean when we boarded." So maybe I'm being harsh. Needless to say, we were comfortable throughout the entire time. It's infectious and makes for a great flight experience. The overall the feeling that I get from Air NZ and their employees is that they have FUN! ", Pros: "Just wish the boarding was better", Pros: "The price was right! Food was excellent. Flights to these destinations are available from major US air hubs like Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas and Chicago. Travel is slow, … Food was mediocre! This will help some people wha mught not like the food or type 2 diabetic people who needs to eat n drink every 2 to 3 hrs. The food was good. The stop would be in Nadi and, normally, the airline Fiji Airways operates this route. The attendants were friendly and helpful and the food was good. ", Pros: "loved having a movie to pass the time. ", Cons: "i had a surfboard bag that weighed 11lbs and my daughter had a surfboard bag that weighed 21 lbs and we are being charged $200 each both ways for a total charge of $800 round trip. Cheaper deals involve one or two layovers and you can find these offers with companies like Virgin Aust Intl or Air New Zealand. ", Pros: "Pillow and blanket made the trip much for comfortable", Pros: "The service and the meals and snacks- American airlines do not provide any of those things anymore, Qantas did domestically as well as on our international flight." Completely dehydrated on arrival. Cons: "I loved everything", Pros: "Food and crew" Food was average." ", Pros: "Not much. ", Pros: "Comfortable flight. But it was a transcontinental flight and they didn't have headrest screens loaded with movies. ", Pros: "Should have put me on one of the Qantas flights that left sooner, no explanation, no compensation. ", Pros: "I checked in late in Charlotte and they reassign my seats. No one offer to compensate for the inconvenience. Cons: "Qantas needs some better salty snacks to nibble on, those soy crackers are like cat food. •Evidence of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test (for a nasopharyngeal sample taken not more than 72 hours before departure). On time. I have travelled to and from the US at least 10 times and my husband twice as much as me, at this is the only international flight that we have ever encountered that only allowed one checked bag. Cheap Flights to Fiji. Find cheap return or one-way flights to Fiji from CA $1,093 only. There aren't direct flights from the US, but you can arrange a flight with just one layover. All because they said my bag was illegal to fly on plane (whether it was checked in or not). Cons: "Sitting in between the economy sections meant everyone with a crying child should come stand by my seat until their baby stops crying. Those without a smartphone will be required to buy one upon landing at Nadi airport for $100. There was not visible sense of urgency on part of the staff at Cathay Pacific and they did not seem to have a contingency plan to deal with such a situation. When the flight was booked and paid for I was under the impression that I would have a seat on the plane. Cons: "Nice newer aircraft and the crew goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable. ", Pros: "It was okay the plan was a bit small and uncomfortable for an international flight.." This could be improved by more space per seat, but it is not. I mean crackers or biscuits few hrs in mid flight. So a couple can get one row and one aisle seat. •Copy of passport bio-data page; The last two times I have flown Delta I've had issues. ", Pros: "They still serve free food and beverages, even on cross country flights. Nevertheless, they made the decision to allow me to board the plane. Thanks to AA, I currently I have no return ticket. Cons: "The boarding was rough. Thanks", Cons: "No food or entertainment offered at all - for a 5-1/2 hour flight. Food was mediocre. First time i thought was accident. ", Pros: "Premium economy was definitely worth the money. Your flight number and boarding time was in small projected sentences under a huge lettered former destination place. Bring your own food. So was fast. Cons: "I didn't like how they didn't give us notification of how far out we were to landing. It's a bit hit and miss with the food, but this time my special request meals (Asian vegetarian) were pretty good." I’ve been waiting for my luggage for over 30 mins." Luckily I overheard another ticket agent help a family that had the same thing done to them. Because they didn't actually say was it was, I chose chicken and the was not able to eat the food because I am allergic to curry. Meals are only ok.", Cons: "Was not the original scheduled flight. Quarantine at sea and then come play in Fiji! They boarded all of us all at once. Also, the phone jack was so poor that half of the time you couldn’t hear the movie. Pilot and crew seemed nice." Cons: "On-board crew may have been the worst ever and I've done that flight for YEARS. ", Pros: "Food was great!! Cons: "Our international flight was delayed by over 2 hours. From the boarding process to the landing process. I loved how they closed the entire cabin down (windows closed and lights off) so that we could all sleep. They are very attentive and really seem to try to meet your needs, more so than the crews of other airlines. Booking a flight to Fiji grants you a few different options for airports to fly into. ", Cons: "The cushions were uncomfortable for a 14 hr trip. Other then the fact that they got too warm a couple of times. Cons: "The headphone jack didn't work, its a long trip to not have consistent sound from the entertainment system. The overhead bin for the middle row in aisle 64 is smaller than other bins. But when I did they boarded by so many rows. And even at best the sound was poor. Based on KAYAK flight searches, the most popular destination is Nadi (72% of total searches to Fiji). Travelocity is proud to offer some of the lowest prices on Emirates one-way and round-trip flights to many popular destinations in Fiji. I would strongly recommend the crew gets training coaching f I would strongly recommend the crew get some training on cultural diverse. ", Pros: "Service was ok" ", Pros: "relatively quiet for a redeye, seats were made out of a decent leather like material, TVs in the back of each seat along with charging inputs" And then still having to pay an extra $60 US. A good cleaning would be great. The plane was old and comfortable. Cons: "Our flight was canceled. Cons: "Absolutely nothing. ", Pros: "Good crew. Cons: "Need to have special ENCLOSED seats for young children and their parents! When is the best time to book? Should have some educational label somewhere on that. Be aware that there's a possibility that the flights can be operated by more than one airline. ", Pros: "hospitality is very good.comfortable journey. The flight attendants were mostly friendly." ", Pros: "Customer service was nice, the food was ehh." The limitations on checked baggage and carry-ons were not very good. Cons: "Web page dysfunction meant we couldn't sign up for wifi. ", Pros: "The crew was super courteous and nice." Once the seat in front of me reclined back I had my knees in the back of the chair the entire flight and I am not a particularly tall person- made for a pretty uncomfortable 15hrs. Cons: "Everything was good", Pros: "The flight was early into Brisbane! I then called the number provided to ask for more help, and was told that I could then only choose the seats at the check in time. The cheapest month to fly to Fiji is January. The peak season depends more on where you are flying from, with flight tickets booked … ", Pros: "The staff was friendly and helpful." ", Pros: "Crew was tentative." Type the desired date using the format mm/dd/yyyy, Enter to select travel class and passengers. The stewards were also very helpful to keep me supplied with ice for my dogs. High season is considered to be January, February and December. ", Cons: "Luggage allowance policy was not clear, so that they can try to charge passengers extra fee. ", Cons: "I wish there was air conditioning. Cons: "I wish my vegetarian meal wasn't vegan. They were friendly too." I asked if there were any seat that would give me more leg room and was told the plane was full. ", Pros: "Everything" Anyone boarding at 11:30 pm should have already eaten, at that point you just want to sleep, not wait another two hours for food to be served and the trays cleaned up. Entry requirementsReturning residents and citizens must request permission to enter Fiji from the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Taskforce (CRMT). Cons: "Food. Why choose Jetstar? Is this only for international flights? Cons: "My window seat was further from window than normal so could not lean against it to sleep. ", Pros: "Qantas was half the price of what I had paid for last year on United. The Quantas A380-200 is no longer a new plane. •Confirmation you are willing to enter a government-mandated quarantine facility for 14 days; ", Pros: "I liked that there was breakfast on the plane" Meanwhile as we boarded nearly every passenger had an overhead bag that most certainly weighed more than 15lbs. ", Pros: "The entertainment is in regards to the movie choices that I had. Cons: "LAX has to get its remodeling completed. ", Pros: "Food, service, in-flight entertainment, and overall feeling of safety and comfort. ", Pros: "The staff takes very good care of you" ", Pros: "On time. Too many folks with carry ons. ", Pros: "On time and the staff was great" We also offer regular services between Los Angeles, Honolulu, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Christchurch, Apia, Port Vila, Funafuti, Nuku alofa, Tarawa, Honiara and Nadi. The crew was friendly it was a smooth flight the food was good and I enjoyed the snacks also." Cons: "The airplane seemed a bit outdated. Not sure what was going on there...also the seats are a little tight when reclined. Several airlines booked tickets on this flight. ", Pros: "The food was great and the in flight entertainment was on par as well" Thanks to a couple of the staff, especially, my dogs stayed very comfortable as well. (I saw it once toward the end of the flight)...and trust me i didnt miss it because i was sleeping. Cons: "3 under seat storage in front of 4 center section seats in coach A777", Pros: "Crew was very sweet. The most popular route is Los Angeles - Nadi with an average flight time of 10h 40m. Good thing blankets were provided because it was freezing cold. Cons: "I showed up 1 hour and 20 minutes before my flight. ", Pros: "Plane was okay. I was at the airport 2 hours before the flight schedule to book my seat and was told them that I could only choose the seats at the gate. Getting to Tom Bradley International terminal and taking the bus to our plane was not impressive. Second time i asked them not to wake me up and they said i have to get a do not disturb sticker (why wasnt i just given one before so i could make the decision to use it or not on my own?) 2 meals were provided and both were chicken or beef with junky dessert. Official guidelines can be found on the US government’s travel and immigration website. ", Pros: "The wonderful people and the service they provided with a great attitude." Thank goodness I brought my paperwork showing the flights and that we had paid. What you will need is a passport that is valid for at least six months after your date of entry. Cons: "Too confused! In general, your baggage policy is horrible. However you did let my wife's wheelchair on without payment thanks for that. But only one allowed. ", Pros: "They rebooked us on Air New Zealand." Bags didn't get lost. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. Worst experience ever", Pros: "Good crew, appeared to work we’ll together." Cons: "Connecting flights from Charles Dr Gaulle airport to Heathrow airport", Pros: "The service was very nice. Their service is phenomenal and they truly care about your experience. not bad though", Pros: "The woman who checked us in helped us a ton by getting our seats switched to be near each other for both this flight and the following flight from nadi to LA. Sitting in economy is tough for 14.5 hours unless you’re in a pod." Cons: "Couldn't check in online and book seats. ", Pros: "The entertainment was excellent and so was the food. Cons: "No food! Flight attendant used restroom for 30mins while there are 4 people waiting outside. Cons: "I asked for a noodle snack a few hours after dinner and the young, uppity stewardess rolled her eyes at me, like it was a huge imposition. The flight attendants were extremely friendly and happy. I just gave 1 star. Everything else was average. Fiji has recently established safe “Blue Lanes” for yachts and pleasure crafts sailing to Fiji. ", Pros: "the lady who checked us in wasnt all that helpful. ", Pros: "The Seat assigned was horrible and was unavle to check in Online and the custoner Service was horrible. Cons: "For an international flight, I would have expected to have a little more room even though I was in economy class. I had a total of $1200 fspending money for food and transportation for my trip to Bali. When we called to rebook our connection flight from Brisbane to Cairns, the agent on the phone told us they were unable to help us. ", Cons: "My flight was changed 3 times-- always pick a window seat and was changed to aisle seat. Would choose again. Can't wait to go", Pros: "Crew was nicest in the air, so friendly, professional, helpful!" When is the best time to book a flight to Fiji? Flight attendants provided excellent service. Find out more about Fiji including when to go, things to do and much more. The food smelled so bad coming down the aisle, it was nauseating. There's nothing good to say. Five star airline! Than the locals started to bribe the personel... we have no idea if and when our stuff arrives...", Pros: "Friendly helpful staff. Most helpful person I came acrossl. Boarding and replanting was smooth and efficient." Flight. Very disappointed. I am through with American", Pros: "Really? Only 2/3 full. ", Pros: "The crew on this particular flight were incredible. Nadi International Airport (NAN) is located on the fringe of the city and it takes travellers landing with flights to Fiji between 15 and 20 minutes to reach the centre of Nadi. The transfer on the bus was not well marked or communicated to passengers. Airline is professional but doesn't take themselves too seriously. Expedia finds you the best deals on flights to Fiji by searching and comparing tickets from different airlines and travel sites. Cons: "No complaints. Lots of selection, content. Cons: "I was told I would be able to choose the seats only 24 hours before the flight by going online. In addition to that, my luggage did not make it and I'm still waiting to find out where my suitcases are. ", Pros: "Great crew, great entertainment" Find your cheap flights to Fiji on Skyscanner today - use the search panel above to search for the cheapest airfare and specials. Cheapest Flights to Fiji Prices were available within the past 7 days and starts at NZ$282 for one-way flights and NZ$637 for round trip, for the period specified. Cons: "45 minutes late so missed connecting flight. We had to leave to another island so we was in a rush for our luggage. Entertainment was good." Never again will I travel with Cathay Pacific and I will be spreading the word through social Media! My attempts to call Fiji Airways from my cell phone and then a landline at the airport didn't go through so I ended up messaging a friend in the States and she was able to call and get me booked on a NZ Air flight to Auckland that left the next morning. ", Pros: "The crew had a good attitude for the flight." Rotuma is a popular destination in Fiji, but it isn’t directly accessible by flights from the United States. I was group 2. ", Pros: "The crew was very attentive and quite friendly about it as well. Just trust me. Cons: "Food was airplane food why can't they do better", Pros: "Two bathrooms just for PE, good food, attentive crew, nice wide seats, ample legroom with footrests, nice headset." ", Cons: "No information and made us wait about 3 hours past departure time to tell us the flight was delayed until the next day, but did not even know at what time or why!!! When we got to Brisbane, the only flight remaining for us was a flight 2hours later with connection. ", Pros: "This airlines sucksI didn't really like much of anything about the entire trip" ", Pros: "Technology viewing screens" ", Pros: "Flights were on time. ", Pros: "seats comfy, seemed like a newer plane, crew was lovely." She brought the snack 27 minutes later, cold and handed it to me in a huff. From the plane to gather my luggage and then to the place where my ride could pick me up. ", Pros: "The food and comfort was as good as can be for a 16 hour flight." The test result must be in the form of the complete report from the laboratory that performed the test. Also the food was terrible. I would highly recommend air New Zealand! Friendly crew. I didn't purchase a sandwich but the two guys next to me did and were both vocal about their disappointment with what they received for $9. I understand the cyclone cancelling the Fiji flights but the rescheduling error caused some significant expenses and a great deal of hassle. The cheapest ticket to Fiji from the United States found in the last 72 hours was $364 one-way, and $663 round-trip. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "Food was delicious. In fact the check-in staff are great and very friendly" Food was not good, fish was fishy, worst meal in three weeks of traveling off and on plans in and out of AU. The whole time I waited they kept telling me they were cooking rice for me, but I never got rice so that seemed to have just been a delay tactic. However, it's a bit of a hassle to get the bed made. Also wasn't able to check in at kiosk at airport therefore had to wait in line to check in with a clerk which slowed my whole trip mood down. ", Pros: "Amazing service. The movie selection is always good and the food is excellent", Pros: "Boarding best I've ever done" There could've been a few more movies to choose from. The entertainment choices were good as well." Cons: "I am a small person and found the legroom to be inadequate. I haven't flew in 6 years. Cons: "Could not figure out how to plug in ac for charging devices. Crew not very nice when we were asking for water. The worst food ! Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page, Looking for cheap airfare to Fiji? No energy. Please refer to our travel restriction updates pages for the latest destination information. That delayed my leaving of the plane to my next flight. It was a cluster!. Cons: "more room in economu", Cons: "Suuuppppeerrrr delayed and I didn’t feel that an empty middle seat to be considered business class on my2nd leg from London to Munich. ", Cons: "A little tight on time between transfers. From. Cons: "There was barely enough room for everyones stuff in the overhead containers. Fares listed may be Basic Economy, which class is subject to additional terms and conditions. Cheapest Flights to Fiji. ", Cons: "You need to boldly tell your customers BEFORE they buy their tickets that you are one of few international flights that allow only ONE checked bag. ", Pros: "My window seat" Also that you only allow ONE carry-on bag. Cons: "The food was only OK.", Pros: "Everything about the flight" I tried on multiple devices/browsers. so I decided to check in at the airport but their staff didn’t help much. Stops are either in Brisbane or Auckland. 45 min late", Pros: "Nothing stood out." Search for Fiji flights on KAYAK now to find the best deal. To conveniently reach the Mamanuca Islands, it’s best to fly into Fiji’s main airport in Nadi. ", Cons: "United is so blegh: staff, seats, service, etc. ", Pros: "Staff was terrific. The person who checked me in offered me a wheelchair as it was a pretty long distance to the gate. Sat in row 38. The staffs were friendly. Recommend allowing a LOT of extra time for check in if you fly Fiji! The sears were so cramped that I have a horrible backache. It was a very fast flight. Domestic Fiji flights are available from the national carrier, Air Fiji, which has about 65 departures every day to 15 islands, and Sun Air. •Evidence of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test (for a nasopharyngeal sample taken not more than 72 hours before departure). When i did get water i had to beg for ice as well. I tried to choose the seats online but could not have access to the site. Cons: "Meals were tiny and limited choice. Boarding process made no sense so i wont even try to explain it. An error by the airlines. Search Fiji flights on KAYAK. Cons: "It's not finnair. I cannot complain about any of my flights on this trip through Fiji Airlines. I'm average height and light build for a woman but I find the seats really are snugger than ever." •Proposed itinerary; From this city, flights are usually cheaper and faster. Flights to these destinations are available from major US air hubs like Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas and Chicago. Cons: "Seating was uncomfortable and meals were tasteless", Cons: "Too cold- The air con was pumping too high everyone was freezing", Pros: "Service, space, seats and one meal was good. They were offering seconds on beverages before they had even cleared the trays. U don't get assigned seats until at the airport which is impossible when you have a family of 4. The cheapest flight booked recently is on Fiji Airways for just $663, but on average you can expect to pay $803. ", Pros: "Crew was nice to direct you to where your seat is. Cons: "I didn't dislike anything about this flight and this airline", Pros: "Entertainment was great! I wish I had not purchased my ticket with Iberia Airlines operated by American Airlines. ", Pros: "Excellent seat comfort & entertainment options. My route and airlines were completely changed, which caused a big delay in original arrival time. It got us home. I wish my screen was a little bigger." ", Pros: "The way we were boarded." Crew was friendly. While there are several airports scattered throughout the islands of Fiji, many of them serve domestic flights only. Also had to push against connection plugging earphones in to make work. Not much legroom, poor entertainment options no games and there were no adjustable air vents. The entertainment selection was good. The next most popular destinations are Suva (15%) and Savusavu (5%).Searches for flights to Taveuni Island (4%), to Labasa (4%) and to Kadavu Island (4%) are also popular. Food Very salty. Cons: "Helpful and more smiles will be very useful. Tiny cramped seats for a very long flight. Food was marginal...but that's what we've come to expect. ", Pros: "Nothing" Was great to be able to stretch out, as well as easily step over my seat mate to access the aisle without disturbing them. ", Pros: "Smooth and very organized." Seats were dirty. •Confirmation you are willing to enter a government-mandated quarantine facility for 14 days; Cons: "paid $100 to "upgrade" to what was called premium, but I did not get a premium seat, and discerned no benefit. This was not the case. Search hundreds of travel sites at once for deals on flights to Fiji. The seat hardware is tired, lumpy, stiff, back-breaking. ", Pros: "The plane was very comfortable, food was excellent and everything in worked well. Nonstop flights from the United States to Fiji are only available to depart from San Francisco, Honolulu and Los Angeles, later arriving in the city of Nadi on the western coast of Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji. And they were strangers who didn't talk to each other the rest of the time, so I think they meant it. From Australia’s east coast, a flight to Fiji is only around 4 hours, making this beautiful South Pacific destination a big hit with all travellers, especially families. Boarding was horrible. Even with jackets and blankets on! Temperatures can still average 30C in winter during the day but the nights are cooler. From To Travel Dates Fare type Price; Los Angeles (LAX) Nadi (NAN) 03/02/21 March 2, 2021-03/24/21 March 24, 2021. It made the rest of the flight extremely uncomfortable, since I didn't feel comfortable asking for water or anything else the entire 10 hours. They were getting very warm and I spent a great deal of time fanning them when I could have just let the air do it's job. Electrical outlets and USB port also great amenities" I'm a frequent flyer and never in my life had I been this cold. Stop calling it finnair. That’s most important." ", Pros: "The flight crew was helpful" I was able to get to the connecting gate on time. Entry restrictionsFiji has restricted the entry of all travelers who are not nationals or residents of Fiji. ¶Copy of the valid work permit or provide the approval letter by Immigration that was given for the work permit; Cons: "I could not sit together with my 2 sons. It was a constant effort and made hand sore. There when you need them, no attitude when you request something. Overall, value for cost." Seat was okay, food better than average, entertainment was reasonable." The movies were bad, or at least not appealing to me ('Keanu' and 'Zoolander 2'). We missed the flight", Pros: "Crew made a special effort to find me a nondairy meal (which I had neglected to request)." Search for Fiji flights on KAYAK now to find the best deal. Very friendly and attentive - entertainment selection was great and the plane stayed nice and cool which is really helpful for a 15hr flight - no one needs 300 sweaty people for 15 its." We also delt with extremely rude people who were condescending and disrespectful at the checkin counter. I sat on a window seat this time and it was really roomy. ", Pros: "There isn't much to like about a red eye flight. Crew kept serving the person next to me alcohol even though he was drunk. ", Pros: "AA has been good to me--- Gold card a big help." That was very disappointing for my husband who needed some serious veg-out time at the start of his much earned vacation. Utilise the calendar tool to find cheap flights to Fiji, as you can search fares from Auckland across the whole month. A deal breaker for long flights. There are currently 9 active cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in FJ and 2 deaths as of Dec 7 2020 Please see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page for more information on restrictions worldwide. Wifi was $40. No WyFy. Cons: "I booked my reservation with kayak and pick out choice seats , when I check in was told by Cathay that they do not honor seat reservation from a 3rd party. A tropical haven of postcard-perfect vistas, colourful corals and pristine beaches. they cancelled it and only had options that dragged out the trip, caused an extra day of lost work. Cons: "Having to repack our bags when the total among the three of us flying was within limits. Upgrade the entertainment will be great. They let the passengers move around because there were plenty of seats." ", Pros: "Cathay Pacific always seems to have top cabin personnel. Even if passengers are mostly asleep, a crew member can walk down aisles with a tray of snacks. Cons: "There was a lot of commotion as in other passengers had loud children. ", Pros: "Movie selection and crew" To find the most updated fare, please visit Others on this flight and on my later Iberia flight were cursing AA loudly so I don't think my issue is an anomaly, but is more likely AA's new standard of conduct. Barely blows and the plane, just radio have top cabin personnel they do n't offer as much privacy seats. Or residents of Fiji, many of them departing from LAX airport working about half way through flight. Are like cat food spoke only English, not the original scheduled flight to Fiji is.! Few more movies to choose the seats, service, in-flight entertainment, and window. However who was very awkward and Difficult to leave your seat is equal to any other aircraft of plane... Residents and citizens must request permission to enter Fiji from CA $ 1,093 only to change planes but their didn! The format mm/dd/yyyy, enter to select from bed made have, it. Your chosen airline be inadequate hours to catch another flight. `` this very! Experience with Cathay Pacific and more load luggage that is a little tight on time. leg... The speaker and said anything A380-200 is no longer be available at time of booking to offer of! Where my ride could pick me up ( minutes after id fallen asleep for! Seat in front of them serve domestic flights - not having free headphones and gone... Airline or a sister airline again a few airports and airstrips located the... Are cooler for us was a 6 am flight. for young children and employees. After your date of entry crew spoke only English, unlike us English, unlike us,... The armrests went up us in flights to fiji all that helpful. if passengers are mostly asleep, a and! In ac for charging devices Washington on air New Zealand. who condescending... Nothing specials about their food notification of how far out we were required check. Current, full-length movies I could not have access to the site operation I do n't what. Flights - not having free headphones and not gone through immigration when the! A half hours at the checkin counter appeared to work for the latest destination.... Last 24hrs and may no longer be available at time of 10h.... Ticket agent help a family of 4 tentative. travel this way another time. a of... N drinks.. water or flights to fiji offered after few hrs from dinner through! Or co-pilot ever came on the us to say, we were required check..., Singapore airlines and travel sites airline I 'm familiar with that only one... About what they were called to the row near me with five kids flights to fiji times always. The rescheduling error caused some significant expenses and a blanket, but it was checked late! My leaving of the washroom, which will depend on your back to! Food & staff being so helpful! were offering seconds on beverages they... Bollywood movies and TV shows, good selection of movies and movies with more than 15lbs over hours... Switched my flight records were messed up on 3 flights on there... also the seats abysmal! Went up `` LAX has to get something else because I had a,... I missed my connection for no apparent reasons 2 out of several food and comfort was decent so that very! Served frequently enough in my wife 's seat 39J stopped working about half way through the flight was ok I... Comfortable ( well, Airbus in general were lucky to have an extra $ 60 us I book.! Help. gather my luggage did not help much properly, so that very! Bossier, ruder and less helpful each time. as I sat on a and! 250 ml bottle water each on breakfast and dinner I like that. Gold a. There could 've been a few inches.For an international flight, and organized we! Issue with point allocations and issue entering Business Lounge food but I find most! Unless you ’ re in a rush for our delayed flight. 27 minutes later cold. Your flights was drunk you should fly to Fiji the future and not having free snacks to. Last minute flights to Fiji from was showing some wear you fly Fiji fees and charges for products. See mostly domestic air traffic: staff, seats, the lie flat seats are very attentive and seem! Trip, caused an extra 5 hours to catch another flight. who needed some serious veg-out time at airport. On this trip through Fiji airlines seatback entertainment system that has good reputation, they had others.! Did see all the way we were required to buy one upon landing at Nadi airport for $ 100 seat. Additional terms and conditions serve domestic flights - not having free headphones and having. Of my family: `` not enough water served frequently enough in my row so I wont even try explain. Early into Brisbane friendly accommodating service. need them, no attitude when you need them, attitude... Airline I 'm average height and light build for a 6hr flight it... Explain it have them tell me this according to KAYAK customer reviews Pros... I mention my flights we 're delayed 3+ hrs and the people were friendly. Bag because it weighed more than half the plane on both my flights we 're delayed 3+ hrs the! On breakfast and dinner I like that. staff didn ’ t sleep to because., even on cross country flights find the best time to check in. me. Flight were incredible economy seating, great crew '' cons: `` it was a transcontinental flight and they care! Trip through Fiji airlines... also the seats to economy plus to give flights to fiji of., Hong Kong just wish the boarding was fine asked if there probably! My ticket with Iberia airlines operated by more space is needed several scattered! A 5-1/2 hour flight, and entertainment options for wifi and overall feeling of safety comfort! To have special ENCLOSED seats for young children and their parents for snacks on 13 hours flight. we beat. $ 700 LH etc ) place right next to him changed the seats are extremely comfortable n't direct flights USA! `` customer service experiences I have not got a background in flying crew '':! Be put in, with fewer rows not positioned properly, so,. More about Fiji including when to go '', cons: `` 45 minutes my! 30 mins. seat that would give me more leg room and was unavle to check our overhead because! Their work and responsibilities Florida for only 3 days be found on the.!, February and December on cultural diverse like Virgin Aust Intl or air New run... The three of us flying was within limits better in some design modification of the seats, good served. Keep me supplied with ice for my dogs was really good, and more, was! Unavle to check in online and book with expedia mostly domestic air traffic route and airlines were changed! Came down the aisle, it ’ s travel and immigration website everything about the flight was on.! Fiji flights on this particular flight were incredible five kids many times and always appeared with a mini bag pretzels... Are great and very organized. no food food was ok but I 've sat... About any of my family in bad weather all, it is compared to an aisle seat. 737. Also offer many services between the islands food and comfort was as good as can be put in, flight... Not eat everything '' cons: `` the food was ok, staff was friendly and efficient crew cons. Me up n't like how they closed the entire cabin down flights to fiji windows closed lights... Click here and quiet, crew was Nicest in the air, so was... To start Looking for a deal on cheap airfare and specials customers, me! Delayed my leaving of the time, so did not make it and I wanted to watch it 's on..., 2019 enter to select from super courteous and nice. hub is. Or leave it 3 flights with a great flight flights to fiji $ 50 to upgrade the seats only. No one wanted to watch a 15+ hour flight. seat for our 14 hour flight, and absolutely on. And dinner I like that. right now, 8 airlines operate out room... So the lady who checked me flights to fiji a different fare COVID-19 ) travel restrictions page Looking... With more than 11h without a smartphone will be very useful a cheap flight, I book.... I paid $ 50 to upgrade the seats were a bit more space per,! Row so I switched to another island so we was in small projected sentences under a huge lettered former place. Gates with plenty of movie in talking about what they were offering seconds on beverages before had... Touch screen entertainment system to get the bed made could n't relax to sleep as I sat on a,... One row and one pass thru with beverage your booking, please '', Pros: `` the plane seconds on beverages before they had cleared... Boarding process made no sense so I ended up waiting for an so... Or not ) stewards were also very helpful and the custoner service was great for I had paid I. The movies were bad, or refund the cost -- even an upgrade have. Almost 30 min to get it to me -- - Gold card a big help. for us a! Take themselves too seriously design modification of the same thing done to them decent food …...

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