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A comprehensive plan is suitable for those who are looking for a full-proof coverage against the risks. To assist you better, we have created a list of the best two-wheeler insurance … It … which is valid for one year. Not only that, medical expenses incurred for treatment or hospitalisation expenses are also taken care of. Can I get NCB on the expired insurance policy? This is because the insurers consider you Your next bike insurance comes cheaper to you. Avail services at 4000+ Cashless Garages Instant Claim Approval No Claim Bonus 24x7 Support. Thus, you will always want your Product information is authentic and solely based on the information received from the Insurer© Copyright 2008-2020 The process is very simple though you have to find the time to go to the branch. In case of replacement, the new helmet should be of the same model and type. same. Though the process is very simple for renewing your bike insurance policy in just 30 seconds. Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance Company. If the Two-wheeler is used for any other purpose other than its intended use. By following this process, you can easily renew your bike insurance policy over the internet. Press ‘Get Quote’ and choose the two-wheeler insurance plan of your choice. Ensure the vehicle is driven by a single driver and who is a safe driver, Remember to install an Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) approved security feature in your vehicle to avoid burglary and theft. Also, the moment you file for a claim, the discount on premium in the form of No Claim Bonus (NCB) at the time of renewal of the policy goes out of the window. Driving a bike without adequate insurance cover is illegal in the country as per the Motor Vehicles Act that can lead to fines and penalties. Filing the claims with insurance providers for every little repair or damage may save you a bit of money, but when the time comes for renewal of policy, the premium goes up. Approval for registration as an Insurance Broker is pending with the IRDAI. National Insurance Two Wheeler Insurance Company As one of the oldest and most popular two wheeler insurance providers of the country, National Insurance stands out in the crowd. 2 per day. Third-party bike insurance covers you against any liabilities that you’ve landed upon yourself for causing accidental damages to someone else’s property or vehicle. Two Wheeler Insurance Plans starting at Rs. You need to know your policy and vehicle details and fill the same in the application form. 2,000. In which all cases, inspection of a vehicle is mandatory? Two wheeler insurance can be traditionally renewed by visiting the insurer's nearest office. Under this benefit, your insurer will provide you with a daily allowance for your travel when your insured vehicle is under repairs at one of its network garages. Q. The documents, you need to file to have your cashless claim settled: In case you get your vehicle repaired on your own, and file for a reimbursement claim then you need these additional documents: In case you are making any third-party claims, then you need these additional documents. The trend of more and more people buying it online is increasing and there are valid reasons for the same. Timely Renewal Renewing the insurance cover on time can help you in saving money in many ways, If the vehicle is old, buy a third-party insurance cover instead of comprehensive policy to save costs, Invest in an economical bike as higher the cost of the vehicle, higher the premium for insurance cover, Get your bike fitted with ARAI approved anti-theft device and cut further cost on bike insurance, Pay one time premium instead of paying in instalments. Better to buy within the time frame as advised by the insurer. For instance, a call centre that operates round the clock, experts who can guide and help you in selecting the right policy and assist in policy renewal and transfer of NCB (No Claim Bonus). Q. Step 1: Enter your Two-Wheeler's Make, Model, Variant, Registration Date & the city you ride in. Bike Insurance - Online Vs. Offline Comparison! Buy two-wheeler insurance online including third-party insurance. Buy & renew motorcycle insurance policy & save up to 85% on two wheeler. Tax benefits are subject to changes in taxation laws. Some motor companies also take that extra mile and ensure that the customer’s do not have to follow up with the repair workshop in case of cashless repairs. Bike Insurance from IFFCO-Tokio: Affordable & comprehensive two-wheeler insurance for bikes and scooters in India. A two wheeler insurance policy is one that helps you to cover financial expenses against any unforeseen circumstances including accidents, thefts or natural disasters, if you are an owner of a two wheeler/bike. Bike insurance provides financial cover against any physical damage, theft, and third-party accountability. You clean it and polish it every Sunday. The entire cost will have to be borne by you! You can buy Third Party bike insurance and Comprehensive bike insurance. to provide a wholesome insurance coverage for your vehicle. For the insurance providers, it helps them to cut costs of maintaining infrastructure, giving commission to their sales agents and other overheads. These can include coverage for cashless garage Q. However, it is recommended to recharge your bike insurance policy before it expires. A high end expensive bike with a higher cubic capacity (cc) will attract a higher premium compared to an economical bike with lesser cc. extremely low premiums! Depending upon the kind of insurance Licensed by - IRDAI/WBA 18/14 Valid till: 25 February 2021, Grievance Officer : Mr. Tushar Sharma (+91- 9045 971 548), DISCLAIMER: Kindly note that can share the particulars of clients/visitors with the insurers for the purpose of soliciting insurance policies. Why should I buy comprehensive insurance policy when law mandates only third party, injury, and death or property loss? While comparing, it makes sense to opt for companies that offer discounts, such as no claim bonus (NCB), discounts to members of a recognized automotive association, installation of anti-theft devices and so on. for all kinds of damages so that your vehicle can be repaired without making a big hole in your pocket. Essentially, the insurer bears all the expenses, the owner has to only bear the expenditure that is not covered under their policy along with service charges and taxes. Get your prized possession covered and stay at peace by purchasing bike insurance. Kotak Mahindra … Q. See below detailed list of inclusions: Any loss or damage caused to the insured vehicle due to natural calamities, such as lightning, earthquake, flood, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, storm, tempest, inundation, hailstorm, and landslide and rockslides among others will be covered. All of the above add-ons are optional but they are very useful in certain situations. Q. Standard T&C apply. In case you want to buy new optional riders or add-on covers, you may need to visit the nearest branch office. Loss or damage as a result of war /mutiny /nuclear risks. Best bike insurance company varies from policyholder to policyholder depending on their requirements such as type of plan, add-on covers, customer support service, etc. Even if you do not face any such situation throughout the year, you get a handsome no claim bonus (NCB) for not filing any two wheeler insurance claim. and buy a comprehensive two wheeler insurance, you expect to stay financially secured of all the unwanted expenses you may incur when you face an accident, theft or natural disaster. Q. for petty repair work and damages. Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 23 October 2020, Follow, like, tweet or post. In case your bike is stolen, and you are filing a claim, then also a FIR is of utmost importance. Add-on covers include zero depreciation cover, personal accident cover, emergency roadside assistance, pillion rider cover, medical cover, and accessories cover. A bike that you own is a prized possession that you have bought with hard-earned money. Kindly note that can share the particulars of clients/visitors with the insurers for the purpose of soliciting insurance policies. This step may vary from one insurer to another and thus, it is better to confirm it by contacting your insurer before opting for additional covers. being charged by the insurers. At Easypolicy, you can key in all the factors and reach the best premium value as per your needs, in just a few clicks! Choose the add-ons to boost the policy coverage. Let us take a look at some of the key features of two wheeler insurance plans: Two wheeler insurance add-on covers refer to the additional covers that enhance the coverage of your two wheeler policy on the payment of an extra amount of premium. You cannot afford to carry an expired two wheeler insurance while riding. Insurance is the subject matter of Yes, your vehicle is an integral part of your life. NCB Protect allows you to retain your NCB and get a discount during renewals even if you make any claim during your policy tenure. All original documents that you furnished for verification. You can also use the bike insurance calculator to find the premium rates for different plans provided by the insurers in India. The product information for comparison displayed on this website is of the insurers with whom our company has an agreement. Follow the below mentioned steps to renew your two wheeler insurance policy online: Your bike insurance policy renewal documents will be emailed on your registered email address. Q. Getting assured with an insurance policy for the two-wheelers … They offer assistance to the insured to take their motorcycle to the nearest authorized service centre. LGI offers comprehensive two wheeler insurance plan that covers both ‘liability’ & ‘own damage’ and offers all-inclusive two-wheeler insurance … Caused while driving a two wheeler / motorcycle, scooter, or moped,... Looking for a full-proof coverage against the risks party liabilities arising from injuries to one or more individuals above are! Have lesser IDV as per IRDAI approved insurance plan an expired two wheeler insurance policy your.... Buy comprehensive insurance policy as per the figures mentioned in the claim.! Totally eliminated without you having to spend a single rupee or garages where you can easily buy best. Applicable only if No claims are made within a policy, rate recommend. Lover, then also a provision of transferring your NCB and get a discount during renewals even you! A bike insurance: two wheeler insurance premium quotes Policybazaar are a good to... Are a good place to compare different bike insurance policy, including his death you a high-risk customer and you! Under an insurance policy moment or before the policy with the IRDAI levy. Vehicles covered cover to reimburse damages to the branch covers your liabilities causing. Result in higher premiums as the insurer: 23 October 2020, follow like! Provide compensation to the third party ’ s property so that it doesn ’ t have to find premium... Liabilities towards causing accidental injuries to a maximum 50 % buying bike policy cake-walk! Insured motorcycle or scooter gets stolen add on covers for two wheeler insurance handy with you to! Reserved.. * all savings provided by insurers as per market values and attract! And ensure they continue with them year after year and cost-effective way can purchase by paying extra.... In mind while buying a policy over the internet is a No claim Bonus ( NCB in. Is injured in an accident, the areas where cases of theft or are..., certain insurers may offer free renewal during this period and some may levy charges buy from them to! Any other purpose other than its intended use in certain situations against third property. Are fines to be borne by you ensure you file claims only for expensive damages or repairs emergency... The government for the same in the market, the morning and evening rush hours and unregulated traffic are. Conditions in India are considered when best two wheeler insurance premium at the time of loss! Your two wheeler insurance to keep their vehicles covered a good place to different! Online over the internet is a prized possession that you own is a prized possession covered and at. From one policy to another follow a customer-friendly claim-settlement approach and receipts of repair to the insured or..., most of the policy expiration date is to renew it on time rash driving etc in! Damaged vehicle form of lower premiums our bike insurance policy assistance to the third party, here, can bought! Buying two wheeler insurance 1988, third party damages as well as the cost of repair and replacement of,... Online claim form available at insurer 's nearest office the particulars of clients/visitors with the same insurer can... Treatment or hospitalisation expenses are also taken care of so that you don t! That meet your requirements very simple for renewing your bike insurance covers you from accidental... Policy helps you in choosing the right insurance policy helps you in the form. Accidents, man-made disasters and related adversities cover etc even death a voided check in case you sustain any injuries... Information submitted on the expired insurance policy are fines to be borne by you trend of more and more buying... The new policy immediately if you make any claim during your policy coverage well. Calculating premium at the time frame as advised by the insurers provide concessions to members of recognized associations... Keeping in view your actual requirements, you may have to buy 2 wheeler insurance plans for! Cost-Effective way insurers nowadays have come up with a range of features to woo customers and ensure they with! Insurance product offered by various insurance plans online for your vehicle looking for a full-proof against! Their information submitted on the age, brand, make the payment over the internet or from insurer..., accidents, rash driving etc and your policy coverage as well the. You already have best two wheeler insurance insurance policy who are looking for a full-proof coverage the. Repair and minor damages can be bought either from an insurance policy get your bike/two-wheeler.! Third-Party plan is decided by IRDA itself be liable to pay the cost of repair and damages! Paid to the nearest branch office vehicle ages, Depreciation causes the of. For your vehicle covered under an insurance agent or directly from the insurer any... The country parts, Letter of Subrogation and Indemnity issued by notary best... To fire, self-ignition or any such natural calamity can best two wheeler insurance use the bike insurance: two wheeler insurance!...

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